Why I Changed My Blog Name


You may have noticed that the blog has taken on a new name. Formerly, I blogged under the name The Arizona Prepster, yet I decided to change it to Creatively Lauren. It was hard for me, and it was definitely a process. I did it without any announcements, I just up and changed. I definitely feel like I should explain to y’all why I changed my blog name out of the blue. So here we go.

When I started The Arizona Prepster back in July 2014, I had a completely different idea than what I envision now. I wanted to talk about fashion and say “hey I live in Arizona now”, mostly because I was super excited to be in Arizona. However, as time has passed, I realized I never really posted about fashion, my style continued to evolve beyond a “prepster” and I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. So, I took it upon myself to completely rebrand myself. It was difficult, and one of the reasons that I stopped posting; I was so busy trying to figure out exactly what I wanted this to be. I finally settled on Creatively Lauren, it was so hard to come up with a new name! I wanted it to have my actual name in it, but I couldn’t figure out what word(s) to put in front of it. I’m a pretty creative person, but I really hit the wall with this. Then it hit me, Creatively Lauren. I jumped to Google Domains to see if it was available and it was! Then I had to find a new color palette, and I did! It involves mint, cobalt, blue green and gray!

The only thing I’m still not 100% sold on is my header and the overall site design. I make all of my graphics on Canva which I love, but I just couldn’t think of something that would work as my main logo. I do like my submark with the “CL”, I actually have it in all of my blog colors! The site design is where I’m really stuck. I don’t have the funds currently to hire a designer to do it, but I am taking a web design and development class this summer plus I still am doing courses on Codecademy! I may try to continue to DIY it for now. We shall see how it goes!

I’m definitely feeling more inspired with the new name. I feel that things fit better with what I want to talk about. I’m very excited to get back into blogging and sharing creative ways to enhance your life! I’m hoping to do big things wit Creatively Lauren this summer, and I can’t wait to bring y’all along!

Have a great weekend!

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