Why Mental Health is Important During the Holidays

Hey there. Today I want to talk about something a little more serious for Blogmas. Today I want to talk about why mental health is important during the holidays. The holidays are typically seen as the happiest time of the year, but it can be a hard time for a lot of people. Mental health is important all the time, but the holidays where everyone is looking so happy is a very important time to make sure you’re doing okay.

Mental health is something that is not talked about enough in today’s society and the holidays are looked at as a time that is always cheery and happy. However, the holidays can be a rough time for so many people, whether they are missing family, or struggling with their own demons, it’s important to check in on the people that you care about.

Everything I say that I’m applying to the holidays also applies to every other time of year.

Just because someone looks and seems happy, doesn’t mean they aren’t.

So many people look so happy during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean they truly are happy, or that they’re hiding their emotions. Many people can become very good at hiding their emotions and their feelings, so just because someone looks happy doesn’t mean they truly are happy. The same thing applies with social media. Just because someone is posting happy, well-lit, gorgeous pictures of their holidays, doesn’t mean that’s how they really feel. Now, just because this is the case sometimes, doesn’t mean it’s the case all of the time. People post happy pictures when they’re happy.

Just because others are happy doesn’t mean it’s not okay that you’re not.

I know a lot of people look at others that are happy and feel bad that they are not, I do that. But, just because other people are happy, doesn’t mean you have to be. Just because it’s a struggle doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be happy or convince others that you are. It’s okay to feel bad or sad during the holidays. Don’t look at everyone’s happy social media pictures and posts and think you have to be happy too, or feel even worse because you aren’t happy.

It’s okay to reach out to your friends or family during the holidays

I know that you don’t want to bother your friends or family during the holidays. You don’t want to drag them down and make feel bad during a happy time of year, but your true friends and family want to help you through your difficult time. I know it’s looked down upon to suffer from a mental illness and we are meant to feel like we have to keep it inside, but it isn’t good to do that. Bottling emotions inside makes you feel worse, it eats away inside your mind. Don’t feel like you can’t reach out to your family and friends.

Check in on your friends, even the happy ones

Make sure you check in on your friends, not just during the holidays, but any time of year. I know we always say “oh you can always reach out if you need to talk” but many people don’t want to admit when they’re struggling. Many don’t want to, or can’t bring themselves, to admit that things are not going well. This is why it’s also important to check in on your happy-looking friends as well. Like I mentioned, many people are good at hiding their emotions.

How do you feel about mental health and the holidays? Let me know in the comments!

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